Paceline takes the lead to move your financial goals forward.

The Paceline Accounting Group, LLP is a versatile, full-service team of certified public accountants and paraprofessionals based in Sioux Falls. Our hands-on, collaborative approach provides individuals, businesses, and non-profits with a clear, holistic view of their financial opportunities and the freedom to focus on their passions. From tax prep and bookkeeping to audits and advisory, let Paceline take the lead to move your financial goals forward.


Through audits, reviews, and compilations, we offer a range of assurance services regarding financial statements through timely and detailed reports.

As advisors and advocates, we take a proactive approach to help our business clients make smart decisions that fit their unique visions.

Keep your personal finances in order with tax prep and financial planning that’s geared toward improving performance and ensuring growth.


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Paceline Team

Since 1992, we’ve been known by a few names, like Thurman, Comes, Foley & Co., LLP. But while the names and faces sometimes change, our leaders remain committed to providing timely and accurate service with a personal touch. With Paceline, you not only benefit from our expertise but you gain trusted advisors who will help you make smart decisions with your finances to guide your goals forward.